Outlook and Meeting Invitations. (Part 2)

Outlook Meeting Disappearing

If we don’t see anymore the Meeting invitations, we can try to run the below commands to resolve the problem.

Outlook.exe /cleanroamedprefs

This switch command wipes (and copies again) the outlook roaming preferences from the pc ‘s local settings where this command is used.

Roaming settings are a small collection of settings handling the calendar reminders, the free/busy grid, working hours, calendar publishing, and RSS rules.

During the Outlook session those settings (configured on the Exchange server) might change. Typically, as soon as the new settings become available on the server, they are updated on the user client. Sometimes, (because of several reasons) they don’t. Outlook.exe /cleanroamedprefs will fix the problem.

Click on Start. On the search box type: Outlook.exe /cleanroamedprefs and click enter. (Note: there is a space after “exe” and before the slash”).

Outlook will flash up for a couple of seconds to perform the task.

Outlook.exe /sniff

The switch command Outlook.exe /sniff resets the programmatic lockout that identifies which client is processing the meeting entry.

It opens Outlook, looks for new meeting requests in the inbox and adds them to the calendar.

Start >> On the search-box type: Outlook.exe /sniff, and click enter.

Outlook.exe /cleanprofile

Deletes the invalid profile keys and builds again the default registry keys where applicable.

Start >> On the search box type: Outlook.exe / cleanprofile >> enter

Check if the meeting is visible on Outlook Web App

Outlook Web App is the Microsoft Exchange Web-based email client.

The user experience is similar to Microsoft Outlook but it has to be considered as the light version of it.

Just go to https://login.microsoftonline.com, provide the credentials (your outlook ID and password) and log in.

Click on Calendar

The Meeting is NOT present on the OWA calendar

Should the meeting not being present on OWA neither, the best thing to do is to contact our System Administrator to check their data on the Exchange server.

The meeting is present on the OWA calendar.

If the Meeting is present on the OWA calendar it means that the problem is occurring on Our Outlook software. In this case, we would keep investigating on Outlook.

We will try to:

Repair the Outlook profile.

On Outlook , click File.

Click the down-arrow next to Account Settings, and then Account Settings.

On the Email tab, select your account (profile), and then click Repair.

Follow the prompts in the wizard, and when you’re done, restart Outlook

Create a new Outlook profile and see if the meeting invitation becomes available on the new profile calendar.

Close Outlook.

Go to Start >> Control Panel (View by: Large Icons) > Click on Mail.

The Mail Setup window will pop up.

Click on Show Profiles

Click on the Add Button

Choose the name for the new profile and click OK

The service will set up the new Outlook profile automatically:

Click on Next >> Finish.

Go back to the Mail Configuration wizard and select the option: ”Always use this profile"

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